Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wedding Apps

Plan your wedding with these great apps!

We all know how daunting it is to plan a wedding but look at the resources available and it can make planning that big day so much easier. There are some great wedding apps for our bridal couples and I have searched out a few for you to try.

iWedding Deluxe (iphone)

iWedding Deluxe is the iPhone wedding planner app that will organize, guide and inspire you while keeping all the vital information at your fingertips.

This app is great very detailed and has received some great reviews.

Wedding Budget (iPhone)

This app does one thing really, really well: it manages your wedding budget. The Wedding Budget app will help budgeting brides keep track of all costs and expenses, and remind you when to make deposits and payments to your wedding vendors.

Gift Organiser - (Blackberry)

Once the wedding is over and the gifts unwrapped, you’ll need a handy gift organizer, like the Gift Organizer app, to help you organize your gift wedding ideas and send thank you cards. 

Getting married is one of life's biggest milestones! And Wedding Countdown makes the anticipation more exciting - customized according to your liking! I have seen so many people use these it seems to be a very popular app!

When someone asks: "When is your wedding?", 
You can now say: 
"After 480 kisses!", OR 
"In 178,326 heartbeats!" OR 
"In precisely 184,072 minutes"
Sharing your countdown via Email or Facebook!
It's fun!

This application will help you to:
1) Plan your budget. Conduct actual and estimated costs.
2) Make a list of guests.
3) Make a plan for seating guests.
4) To control planned to do list.
5) To instruct some cases to assistants.
6) Make a detailed plan for the wedding day.

Now you can access and input your wedding planning details anytime, anywhere. The best part? Your iPhone planner will automatically sync up with your tools and account on!

Wedding planning is tough - just ask any bride. However using these apps can make planning your special day much easier. There are quite a few apps out there so shop around and see what works best for you. There are even apps for wedding gowns, wedding cakes, florals and so much more!

Happy Planning


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